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The Paparazzi business is a wonderful business, but it takes work, dedication and persistency. I lead a group called “Wealth Built from the Bottom Up”. Our Team hashtag is #NoConsultantLeftBehind. I am committed to helping you to succeed because there is room for everyone at the top. Many consultants have gained financial freedom in 2-3 years in this business. Many have retired from their corporate jobs and are making so much money they can travel, sleep, work, and make money at their liberty.

A consultant can only rise among the ranks in Paparazzi by helping his or her team to develop a successful business and following the blueprint to success. As the saying goes, “You can take a horse to the water, but you cannot make him drink.” I came into this business not believing I needed to follow the blueprint and as a result, I did not get the results I wanted as quickly as I wanted. I got on the right track and am heading towards financial freedom!

In order to get off to a phenomenal start it is important to make sure you are properly equipped to have a successful business. Your initial launch is so vitally important. My job is to provide you access to all the resources to help you to succeed. As such, the following are some resources that you can use to jumpstart your business. This list is by no means all-inclusive, but is designed to help you establish a firm foundation.

One of the very first things that is essential once you become a Paparazzi consultant is to establish some monthly, quarterly, and yearly goals. Having no goals is like driving from California to Chicago with no roadmap. How much money do you want to make each month? Each year? How many pieces of jewelry do you want to sell? Are you aspiring to win the prestigious Life of the Party recognition? What ranking do you aspire to obtain by this same time next year? What about next month? Goals will help you to hit these milestones.

There is a goal-outline in your Paparazzi Party Planner that came in your Starter Kit. We will work together to establish your personal goals to have a successful Paparazzi empire. The following is a worksheet that needs to be filled out as quickly as possible. These goals will provide you direction and clarity around your reason(s) for making the investment in a Paparazzi business.

Goal Sheets (30, 60, 90 Days)

I am part of an amazing and supportive upline.  The upline consists of those who have come before me and have demonstrated success in the business.  Many of these men and women have left their initial careers and are pursuing Paparazzi as a full-time source of income because there is no limit to the amount of money one can make in Paparazzi.

We have several FB Team pages in which initial orientation is provided to you to help you understand the fundamental blueprint of a successful business.  You heard me…there is a well-defined and proven strategy to be successful!  We are one of many teams that offer this level of in-depth training. The training will include topics such as inventory, building your customer base, and building your Team.  Please make plans to plug into this training as quickly as possible to hit the ground running! 

Contact me directly to get plugged in and to get access to this important training.  It is only available to members of our Team.

It is important to order new inventory once you order your Starter Kit. You cannot be the #JewelryLady or #JewelryMan without having inventory. You can go into your Backoffice NOW using your official Paparazzi website. Go to Consultant ID # and order more jewelry for $2.75. If you’re able, we recommend ordering 5-10 of each blockbuster item. Search under “Shop” and then “Blockbusters” to start off.

Send a text, email, Facebook post about your new Paparazzi Business adventure and ask for support from family and friends by posting your website.

It is critically important that you have inventory to grow your business. In order to remain “Active” and to benefit from the Ranking and Compensation Plan, you must purchase a minimum of 50 PV per month. PV stands for Personal Volume. One piece of $5.00 jewelry is equivalent to 2 PV and one Zi Collection piece is equivalent to 10 PV. You can achieve 50 PV by purchasing 25 pieces of $5.00 jewelry or a combination of $5.00 and Zi Collection Pieces valued at $25.00 each. Now remember, as a Paparazzi Consultant you will be purchasing these pieces at a substantial discount (i.e. $2.75 for each piece that retails for $5.00 and $16.25 for each Zi Collection piece that retails for $25.00).

It is recommended that you start off with 5 -10 of each of the Blockbuster collection. You don’t want to stay here. As your business grows (more home parties, FB lives, etc.) and your goals increase, you should be increasing your inventory purchases each month.

One program offered by Paparazzi that is popular among customers is the Fashion Fix. Each month Paparazzi consultants who sign up for this program have access to 5 exclusive complete sets of jewelry. These sets typically come with a matching set that includes a necklace, 2 pair of earrings, a bracelet, and a ring. You must be subscribed to Fashion Fix to be the #JewelryLady or #JewelryMan. Contact Customer Support to get signed up: 1-855-697-2727.

I already know that you are going to work your business like a Boss and sell tons of jewelry from Paparazzi’s vast inventory.  This is a spreadsheet that you can use to keep track of all of inventory that you purchase.

As you grow your business and you are participating in different business building activities, such as vending or basket parties, you will want to make sure you have a system in place to designate inventory towards different activities (e.g vending, basket parties, FB Lives) so you don’t promise inventory that you don’t have.

Inventory Management Spreadsheet

As I have mentioned time and time again, there are proven strategies for succeeding in the Paparazzi business.  This document provides some tips for having a successful Paparazzi empire.  Consistency is the key and this document outlines habits of successful Paparazzi consultants.

Habits for Success

As you know my business name is Divalicious Bling Boutique LLC, my email address is and my domain name is  They all tie in together and it makes it easier for everyone to find and support me.

It is recommended that you establish a replicated website for the one assigned to you during sign up.  You will have to check to ensure that both the email address (yahoo, gmail or Hotmail, etc.) and domain that you want to use are available before you confirm either of them.  You can check for the domain on GoDaddy’s website @  This is where you will establish the replicated domain for $0.99.  Enter your chosen domain in the search bar (e.g. divaliciousbling) and GoDaddy will let you know if this domain is available.  DO NOT PUT .com after your domain name.  If the domain is available hit continue.  You also have the option to create a new email with this domain.  I created a separate gmail account, but it’s your personal preference.   Next create an account using your email address (e.g. to create an account with GoDaddy.  Once this is complete contact GoDaddy Customer Service to replicate your newly formed website….with the Paparazzi assigned website Consultant ID # here/.  Once completed your new domain will take your customers directly to your Paparazzi website.  In the interim you can share this website: Consultant ID # here.  If you are going to purchase your own domain, it is recommended that you wait and provide your domain website created through GoDaddy.

If you created a new email address (if you selected a new one on GoDaddy) please be sure to change your email address on your Paparazzi page to ensure all company correspondences go there.

I will add you to three main FB groups, including Wealth-Built from the Bottom Up, #DestinedforGreatness, and the Paparazzi Newbie Your first 90 day pages.  Once you get your feet wet, I will gradually provide you access to additional pages with a wealth of information.  They are excellent resources and will keep you abreast of what is going on!  It is vitally important to stay plugged in!!   Once your training is completed, you can post questions in the Paparazzi Newbies FB page about how to run your business.  Of course, you can call or text me as well.

A lot of information will be coming at you at one time, but you will eventually learn to quickly identify the really important stuff. Some very lucrative incentives are also included in these pages to cheer you on and encourage you.  Airline tickets, back office credits, and other goodies have been awarded to those who diligently work their business.  With that being said, access to a FB account would prove extremely useful.  It is vitally important to stay plugged in!!  With no “source of strength” this business can be much more difficult than it needs to be.  I am here to help you succeed!  Our Team works diligently to provide you the source of strength you need to keep going when the going gets tough.

Jumpstart and sign up for your Square with the following Square link:

When you sign up for Square using the link provided above, you will receive $1,000 in free credit card processing. Once you sign up, you will receive your own personal link like me.    When new business partners are added to your team, provide them your personal link.  You will receive an additional $1,000 in free credit card transactions.  These free credit card processing fees must be taken advantage of within 180 days of receiving them. Your new business partner will also receive the same perk when they use your personal link. This a great incentive to get new business partners on board.

Use this link to establish a CASHApp Account

Here’s a video to help you understand how to use your backoffice.  Additional training will be covered in Destined for Greatness New Consultant Training.

You don’t have to spend a ton of money on business cards. I got my initial business cards from VistaPrint. They already have the templates AND have a discount code built in. I spent less than $20.  Where it asks for the address, input your website and other items you’d like on your business card. DO NOT PUT YOUR PERSONAL ADDRESS.  Business cards can be purchased on

There are many places to sell Paparazzi.  This document will help you target and identify some great starting places.

Places to Sell Paparazzi

One of the quickest ways to jumpstart your Paparazzi business is to host a home party at your home or the home of a friend.  It will be very difficult to host a home party with just the items in your starter kit so make plans to purchase additional inventory.  It is recommended that you start with Blockbusters and then work your way up to New Releases. The blueprint recommends that you first start out with purchasing 5-10 pieces of each of the Blockbuster sets.  You cannot go wrong with Blockbusters.  They will serve as the bread and butter of your profits.  Once you get your feet wet, the Destined for Greatness New Consultant Orientation Training will also teach you about the importance of diversifying your inventory with our “New Release” selections.  You have to learn to grab these beauties quickly because they sell out lightning fast.

The most important thing is to make the party fun!  Play games, share stories, sell lots of jewelry, but most importantly have FUN!  It is not uncommon that you will receive requests from attendees to do a home party for them.  The incentive is that the hostess is now in a position to win free jewelry based on the amount of jewelry that is sold.  Some guest may see the light and decide to become part of your team.  It’s hard not to consider it once your guest see how fun, fabulous, and profitable the Paparazzi business truly is.

Countless upon countless numbers of consultants have grown their business immensely within a very short period of time by doing FaceBook Lives.  This includes selling jewelry to your Facebook Friends.  Many consultants will establish VIP pages for their loyal customer base.  There is training available to show you how to set up a successful VIP page.

Utilize the power of social media to market and grow your teams.  Many new businesses have been started simply by a Facebook, instagram, twitter, or snap chat post.

Basket parties are a new and exciting way to grow your business. Reward friends and family with free jewelry by helping you to market and sell your new business adventure. I have attached a “Basket Party Contract” that you can use to facilitate this activity.

Basket Party Contract

You want to make sure to keep track of those you come in contact with that may be interested in becoming a consultant, hosting a party, or being a customer.  I have attached some interest cards that can be printed out and utilized. The original templates can be ordered from the Paparazzi Boutique.

Interest Cards Templates

I make a lot of money and meet a lot of new customers in my Paparazzi business by vending at different events.  Paparazzi policy only allows one consultant per event.  As such, it is vitally important that you obtain written confirmation from the event organizer that another consultant has not been confirmed for the event. One way to do this is by having the event organizer to sign a Vending Events Contract.  Either way, written document is essential to avoid wasting a lot of time, energy and money.

Vendor Agreement

The most current Paparazzi Policies and Procedures can be found in the Back Office.

Paparazzi Policies and Procedures

Your participation in the Paparazzi Compensation and Ranking Plan is one of the most lucrative ways to ensure your financial freedom.  Each time you empower another individual to join the Paparazzi Team, Paparazzi will pay you up to 10% commission.

You will receive additional training on this amazing Compensation Plan from me and during your orientation training.  I want to make sure you completely understand all the benefits of being a Paparazzi Consultant.

How to Move to Move to the Next Level

Compensation Plan

This simply a very short document to kick-start your new Paparazzi business.  More sophisticated and dynamic training awaits you.  My goal is bring out the greatness that is inside of you while you are changing the world $5 at a time! 

Let’s work together to ensure #NoConsultantLeftBehind!

Tabitha Williams

Divalicious Bling Boutique LLC

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