Benefits of Joining

The benefits of joining Paparazzi are vast and many.

Be Your Own Boss

There is nothing more rewarding than taking control of your financial destiny. You can work when you want to work and hold down a full-time job. Make a short-term sacrifice for a lifetime reward with a simple $99 seed.

Simple Math:

• Invest $99 in a Starter Kit which comes with 35 pieces of jewelry. Sell the 35 pieces and make $175
• Re-invest the $175 and purchase 63 pieces of jewelry. Sell the 63 pieces and make $318
• Reinvest the $318 and purchase 115 pieces of jewelry. Sell the 115 pieces of jewelry and make $576.
• Reinvest the $576 and purchase 209 pieces of jewelry. Sell the 209 pieces of jewelry and make $1048
• And so on…

Start a business and sell something that every woman loves and everyone person can afford because price point is only $5. The jewelry literally sells itself. I literally host events, put up a big $5 sign and step out of the way! Therefore, the stinking thinking of “I can’t sell Paparazzi because I’m not a sales person” goes out the window.

Take the risk or lose the chance

Become an Independent Consultant

Get Paid 3 Ways

35-45% Profit – When you start your own business, you will immediately earn a 35-45% profit margin on all jewelry that you purchase wholesale as a business owner from Paparazzi.
Compensation Plan – In addition to making a 45% profit margin on the jewelry that you purchase, Paparazzi has a generous compensation plan. As a consultant you are rewarded for empowering others to start their own independent businesses. Not only will you receive 15% of each of your personal sponsors’ starter kit value, you will earn commissions on your team of consultants as you progress through the Paparazzi Ranks and Compensation Plan. Earn between 5% and 10% of your organization’s activities just for supporting and training them in finding their own success. Your commission opportunity increases when your personally-sponsored Consultants empower others to own their own businesses. The earning potential is unlimited!

Download Compensation Plan

Website Revenue – Customers have the opportunity to purchase from your FREE Paparazzi Website 24/7. You will receive 45% commission on all orders placed. This will come in the form of a commission check you will receive each month.

Become an Independent Consultant

Paparazzi Perks


      Paparazzi is a very generous company. For every 10 pieces of jewelry you purchase, Paparazzi gives you a FREE piece. Think about it…instead of making $50 for purchasing 10 pieces of jewelry, you $55, which represents a 10% bonus!


      The Crown Club was created as a complement to Paparazzi’s lavish recognition program. Focusing on rewarding consistent effort, the Crown Club celebrates those Consultants who demonstrate the dedication and determination required to build a thriving Paparazzi business. By maintaining personally-sponsored active Consultants on your team for consecutive months, you will inevitably make a strong foundation upon which monumental success can be built. There are currently four different Crown Clubs, each celebrating the amazing leadership and dynamic entrepreneurial spirit of the Consultants who join them


      The Life of the Party program was built with one purpose: to celebrate our party people! These are the Consultants who eat, sleep, and breathe Paparazzi pink. They thrive on feeding their customers’ $5 habits and seem to leave a trail of bling everywhere they go. They are hard at work building booming retail empires by partying for a living every chance they get.  To celebrate Paparazzi’s ultimate party animals, Paparazzi created five levels of access within the Life of the Party program: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond and Black Diamond. Each level of access receives some incredible perks including a weekend in Las Vegas complete with a shopping and a trip to the Paparazzi Corporate Office in Hurricane, Utah.


      During the annual convention, ten lucky Consultants will get to claim the corner of the catwalk as they kick off the hottest Paparazzi party of the year: ASPIRE. These Zi Collection models will each be adorned in a necklace from the collection that has been lovingly named after them by the Paparazzi stylists.


      Each year, Paparazzi sponsors a Paparazzi Passport Vacation, which is an award-winning, all-inclusive dream vacation. The vacation is tailored for a-list celebrities and multi-millionaires. Consultants have an opportunity to earn an unlimited number of free trips for themselves or others all by working and expanding their businesses! You will need a passport to attend this lush vacation.


Become an Independent Consultant


I lead a team of dynamic men and women destined for greatness called Team Wealth Built from the Bottom Up. Our hashtag is #noconsultantleftbehind. I believe that the way to the top of the Paparazzi Rank and Compensation plan is only accomplished as we work together to build each other’s teams. The name comes from a vision given to me by God. He showed me a skyscraper that was taller than I could see. Underneath the skyscraper was a thick, wide, and deep foundation. It was so big in fact that I could not see the depth of it. He made it clear that a tall building cannot sit on a shallow foundation. The skyscraper represents my ranking in Paparazzi, which directly affects my level of compensation. The foundation represents the many men and women who I would personally sponsor and help build teams and increase their individual ranks. It is very clear to me that my individual success is dependent on my team’s success, therefore we stand on #noconsultantleftbehind. Come join my team and allow me to personally mentor you. As the saying goes, #eachoneteachone.

Your level of success in Paparazzi will be dependent upon many factors, including:

1. Strong mentorship – When you join my team, I am committed to personally mentoring you to help your business expand and grow. I am fortunate to be mentored by women in the organization who reached Elite status in less than 2 years and are financially free.
2. Strong up-line: This goes back to #noconsultantleftbehind. Team Wealth Built from the Bottom-up is supported by a team of dynamic men and women who have arrived and are still increasing their income. We have a well-developed support team which provides training to new consultants, keeps us current with events, provides strategic direction, and acts as #ourbrotherskeeper to keep our team encouraged and lifted up during the journey.
3. Strategic Plan – This business is not just about selling jewelry. It’s about developing and executing a strategic plan to guarantee individual success if followed. This includes the development of goals and plans specific to each individual consultant to help one another succeed – #eachoneteachone #noconsultantleftbehind. This is particularly important because our team has members in multiple states.
4. Recognition – We understand that no one can succeed in this business on his/her own. We take the time to recognize individual and group achievements. It is literally impossible to rise to the top of Paparazzi stardom without building our individual teams. As we help to build one another’s individual teams, success is guaranteed.
5. Come along with me and become a part of Team Wealth Built from the Bottom Up

Become an Independent Consultant