Hello! My name is Tabitha Williams and I am the owner of Divalicious Bling Boutique, LLC. I am currently a Paparazzi Executive Director, as well as a member of the prestigious Life of the Party Diamond Access and the Crown Clubs. I am privileged to lead a team of dynamic men and women who are on their way to financial freedom called Wealth Built from the Bottom Up. I am also blessed to be featured as a model of the highly sought after Miss YOU-niverse Blockbuster piece on Paparazzi’s website simply for working my Paparazzi business. Read more about the prestigious Life of the Party Diamond Access recognition under the “Consultant Resources” section. Check it out at:


Divalicious Bling Boutique, LLC specializes in affordable, fashionable, beautiful and fun Paparazzi jewelry and accessories. We sell earrings, necklaces, bracelets, lanyards, rings, hair clips, children’s and men’s jewelry - all for $5.00 each! Along with the founders of Paparazzi, our goal is to bring self-confidence, empowerment and independence to women and families all over the world. We seek to fulfill this mission through the following:

I seek to offer women and men an affordable option to be fashionable and feel great. Second, I mentor men and women and show them the way to a real home-based business opportunity. With the help of my Team, Wealth Built from the Bottom Up, I offer the opportunity for future independence through the Paparazzi Rank and Compensation Plan by training others to be successful. This gives each consultant the ability to build long-term residual income, which gives each business owner the opportunity to enter into real financial independence.

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Wealth Built from the Bottom Up

I lead a team of dynamic men and women destined for greatness called Wealth Built from the Bottom Up. Our hashtag is #noconsultantleftbehind. I believe that the way to the top of the Paparazzi Compensation plan is only accomplished as we work together to help build each other’s individual teams. The name comes from a vision given to me by God. He showed me a skyscraper that was taller than I could see. Underneath the skyscraper was a thick, wide, and deep foundation. It was so big in fact that I could not see the depth of it. He made it clear that a tall building cannot sit on a shallow foundation. The skyscraper represents my ranking in Paparazzi, which directly affects my level of compensation. The foundation represents the many men and women who I would personally sponsor and help build their teams. It is very clear to me that my individual success is dependent on my team’s success, therefore we stand on #noconsultantleftbehind. Come join my team and allow me to personally mentor you. As the saying goes, #eachoneteachone. Join My Team!

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Start Your Own Business

Starting my own Paparazzi business was one of the best decisions that I’ve ever made for my life. I was first attracted to Paparazzi by the 45% direct profit margin, but struggled with the idea of selling it because I have always been allergic to costume jewelry. I knew in my heart that I could not sell something that I did not buy or believe in. I was also turned off by the fact that the jewelry was $5.00. You know when a lot of people hear $5.00 it’s natural to think cheap, cheap, cheap! Much to my surprise, when I finally saw the jewelry and gave it a try, I learned that it was not only sturdy and beautiful, but it was nickel and lead-free. I purchased two pieces from my sponsor and took a chance on my neck not turning green and my ears itching. I must say that the jewelry made me feel beautiful while “testing it out” for those two days. After escaping two days with no break out and knowing that I could sell something beautiful that every woman would love, I was completely sold and have not looked back. I immediately began to spread the good news and empower others to start their own businesses. My personal transformation to the confident and bold woman that was always in me has birthed forth and I’m on a journey to live the life that I’ve always dreamed of – Being My Own Boss and Empowering Others to Do the Same. The rest is history…

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